Commonly used fillers – wollastonite and wollastonite powder

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Natural wollastonite has a β-type chemical structure and is a calcareous metasilicate mineral, theoretically containing, the rest is Ca0. Wollastonite is a triclinic crystal, often extending into plates, rods and needles along the longitudinal axis. Aggregates are radial and fibrous masses. The purer wollastonite is golden and milky white with vitreous luster. Wollastonite has a complete needle-like structure, and its aspect ratio can reach more than 15:1. Even the finest crystals still maintain the needle-like structure when observed under a microscope. Wollastonite has the characteristics of typical acicular fillers. However, in the process of mining and refining, its aspect ratio is easily reduced.

The role of wollastonite as filler in plastics is mainly to improve tensile strength and flexural strength. The most promising application field of wollastonite powder is to make full use of the characteristics of its own needle-like crystals in glass fiber reinforced plastics to replace part of glass fibers, because the price difference between the two is more than ten times.

It is worth noting that the water absorption of the filler filled with wollastonite powder is significantly reduced, which can improve the shortcomings of the strength and modulus of nylon products with strong water absorption due to water absorption in a humid environment.

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