8 properties of oxidized polyethylene wax in hot melt adhesives

2021-12-28   Pageview:265

1, High compatibility (polarity regulation)
2, surface performance (glossy, smooth, no precipitation)
3, better thermal stability (does not affect resin color, no yellowing)
4, high molecular weight polymer (low volatility, no migration)
5, Enhanced infiltration and adhesion properties
6, Improve strength
7, Improve the performance after maturation
8, Adjustment of opening time and curing time













The main reaction is the addition reaction between the carboxyl group in the polyester resin and the epoxy group in the epoxy resin, and there are no by-products produced in the reaction. In the polyester resin there is always a part of hydroxyl group, inevitably there is also an etherification reaction between the hydroxyl group and the epoxy resin and the esterification dehydration reaction between the carboxyl ft wax market group and the hydroxyl group.

In the epoxy-polyester powder coatings in the mouth, polyester resin and epoxy resin is basically between the amount of equal substance (equal equivalent) reaction. According to the polyester resin acid value and epoxy resin epoxy value, you can arbitrarily change the mass ratio between polyester resin and epoxy resin, the range of this mass ratio is polyester resin / epoxy resin = 80/20 ~ 20/80. currently in the epoxy-polyester powder coatings commonly used in the mass ratio of polyester resin / epoxy right resin: 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, 80/20. Among them, the most commonly used varieties are 50/50 varieties, the least used varieties are 80/20 varieties. If polyester resin and epoxy resin in equal amounts (equal equivalents) when formulated, 100g of epoxy resin requires the amount of polyester resin is calculated as follows.


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