Application Of Polyethylene Wax(PE Wax) In PVC Heat Stabilizer

2023-03-23   Pageview:274

The application of polyolefin wax in PVC heat stabilizer, heat stabilizer is one of the important categories of plastic processing aids, the birth and development of heat stabilizer and PVC resin are synchronized, mainly used in PVC resin processing , so the heat stabilizer is closely related to the proportion of soft and hard products in PV resin and PVC.

Lubricants are also indispensable during the production and processing of heat stabilizers. A good lubricating system has low volatility, good mold release and flow properties, and can improve the high temperature stability of the stabilizer, prolong the thermal stability time, reduce the precipitation of impurities, and improve the weather resistance of the product.

Calcium-zinc composite stabilizer is a kind of heat stabilizer. The lubrication system of calcium-zinc composite stabilizer is based on cost factors. Most companies use polyolefin wax as lubricating wax. Tianshi polyolefin wax products can effectively improve the thermal stability of PVC. The fluidity of the PVC heat stabilizer processing process increases the extrusion efficiency of PVC products and improves the surface gloss of the product; it can effectively control the agglomeration phenomenon in the process of PVC heat stabilizer processing; and effectively solve the process of PVC heat stabilizer processing products precipitation phenomenon.

Since calcium-zinc stabilizers are environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly, they are highly compatible with the national development strategy of environmental protection. Therefore, in the foreseeable future, polyolefin waxes will definitely promote the rapid development of calcium-zinc stabilizers. Polyethylene waxes It has broad application prospects in heat stabilizers.


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