Water-based wax pulp that enhances the brightness of paint

2021-08-14   Pageview:331

As a kind of water-based wax dispersion, it is widely recommended to be used in coatings and inks because it has very good handfeel and scratch resistance, as well as good transparency, does not affect the leveling, and can improve the surface properties of printing inks and coatings.

Besides, water-based wax pulp is also widely used in water-based varnish; wax water for shoe chemistry; leather finishing agent; textile printing paste; water-based wood paint, water-based emulsion paint, etc.

Wax pulp applied in the paint, is known as a real green paint, does not contain any volatile substances, the paint production products are really healthy, green, environmental protection, and hardness, good wear resistance, good transparency, scratch resistance, friction resistance. However, there are some issues that we still need to pay attention to, such as the factors that affect the water-based wax pulp to improve the gloss.

When water-based wax pulp is applied in water-based ink and varnish, it can effectively improve the effect of gloss. It not only has the effect of improving gloss, but also matte effect.

Which factors will affect the effect of water-based wax pulp to improve gloss?

It is related to the particle size of water-based wax pulp. Generally speaking, the smaller the particle size, the higher the gloss level.

The particle size of water-based wax emulsion is very small, in the shape of a regular sphere, about 10-500 nanometers.

The larger particle size of water-based wax pulp, i.e. performance wax dispersion, is mainly used as an additive to improve the abrasion resistance, and also has a matting effect.


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