Dibutyltin dilaurate 7760

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7760 catalyst is a technically modified dibutyltin dilaurate with a colorless or light yellow transparent liquid appearance, which is used as an important part of catalytic system in various chemical reactions with high tin content and easy to use. This product 7760 catalyst has been specially liquefied and crystals will be precipitated at low temperature.












XG605-1A matting agent (sand texture agent) and SA208 physical agent are metal organic complexes and a curing accelerator. Their technical indicators are as follows.

XG605-1A matting agent (sand texture agent) technical indicators:
Due to the curing promotion effect of this sand texture agent, the gelation time of the powder coating under the curing temperature condition is very short, and the coating film is too late to level, forming a sand texture appearance. This kind of sand texture agent participates in the chemical reaction in the curing reaction. It is a chemically reactive sand texture agent, and its matting effect on the coating film is also obvious, so XG605-1A is also called a matting agent. In this powder coating system, the type and amount of fillers have a significant impact on the thickness and gloss of the sand grain of the coating, especially bentonite has a greater impact. XG605-1A matting agent (sand texture agent) and SA208 texturing agent are in the ring The amount of oxygen powder coating is 3.5%~5.0% of the total epoxy resin. When using dry mixing method, the amount of epoxy and polyester epoxy powder coating is 1%~2%.

In addition, when the XG603-1A matting curing agent produced by Ningbo Nanhai Chemical Co., Ltd. and the similar cyclic amidines and polycarboxylic acids (or acid anhydrides) composed of A68, B68 and other matting curing agents are used in conjunction with organic humectant, they also Sand grain powder coatings can be obtained. Among them, the amount of organic bentonite determines the gloss of the coating film and the thickness of the sand texture. In addition, the type of filler and the mass fraction of pigments and fillers in the powder coating formulation have a great influence on the thickness of the sand texture, as well as the amount 1.6 micron ptfe/teflon powder of leveling agent and brightener. The gloss of the coating film can also be adjusted. The amount of organic bentonite in the formula is 1% to 5% of the total formula.

In addition, there are also sand-graining agents that make the coating film sand-grained through physical action. This sand-graining agent is a special amide-modified vinylidene fluoride polymer and is a white floc. It is more troublesome to disperse when using pure substances. Some businesses sell products that have been dispersed with carriers. When using pure substances, it is better to use non-colored fillers to pre-disperse before use for uniform and convenient dispersion.


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