The Role of Wax Emulsion in Release Agent

2021-03-23   Pageview:778

As an important part of the release agent formulation, wax emulsion is mainly used to solve polyurethane release, TPU release, rubber release, concrete cement product release, metal die casting release, etc. During the process of mold release, people will usually meet the problems such as residue, matte surface, etc.

Modified Paraffin Wax Emulsion LW-102 Name: Wax Emulsion Model Number: LW-102 Chemical Composition: Modified Paraffin Wax

What problems does the wax emulsion can effectively solve?
1. When the mold is released at high temperature, the wax emulsion has good moldability and is easy to release.
2. The wax emulsion has good adhesion to the mold, which can effectively protect the mold and prolong its service life.
3. Wax emulsion release agent makes the surface of metal castings smooth and clean.
4. Does not affect the post-processing of the casting, the surface of the casting is bright.

What is the amount of wax emulsion for release agent? The reference addition amount of wax emulsion as a release agent is 2% -6% of the total formulation (the specific addition amount needs to be further communicated with the engineer), it is recommended to add it by post-production by stirring.


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