2.4.6-Tri(dimethylaminomethyl) Phenol DMP-30

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This product is a colorless or light yellow viscous liquid. Boiling point is 250℃, 130~135℃ (133Pa). The relative density is 0.972-0.978 (20°C), and the refractive index is 1.5162. Soluble in alcohol, benzene, acetone and cold water, slightly soluble in hot water.

Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid
Chroma (Ghanaian method): ≤4
Amine value mgKOH/g≥: 600+/-20
Viscosity (mPa.s 25℃): 80-200











Common problems and wax solutions in the application of color paste
Flocculation and its solution
Flocculation caused by pigment conflict [24J. In the low resin content color paste, additional resin is added to cause the secondary agglomeration of the pigment. The reason is that the solvent in the resin diffuses into the pigment slurry, causing the resin to precipitate and form the flocculation of the resin and the pigment particles, which is irreversible.

Flocculation caused by resin conflict. If an inappropriate solvent is added after the preparation and grinding of the color paste, it will form agglomeration of the pigment and resin particles, which is irreversible. Flocculation caused by solvent conflict. If a low-reactivity resin solution or pure solvent is added in the post-grinding stage, a resin extract will be formed, and the solvent will extract the dispersant from the pigment slurry, which leads to flocculation.

Flocculation caused by the conflict between the base paint and the color paste.
In order to avoid the above conflicts, the following measures can be taken:
① No need to dilute high-concentration color paste with pure solvent in the grinding section;
②In the grinding section and the subsequent mixing section, adjust the difference between the resins as small as possible;
③Add the remaining resin to the mixing section under strong stirring;
④Resin or clear coating is usually added during the grinding stage;
⑤ Change the wetting and dispersing agent, thickening agent or the amount of the base paint.


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