One-component waterproofing coating catalyst DMDEE

2021-12-04   Pageview:224

Appearance: colorless to light yellow liquid
Viscosity(25℃) :18mPa.s
Relative density(25℃) :1.06
Boiling point :>225℃
Melting point: <-28℃
Flash point(TCC): 146℃
Amine value :7.9~8.1mmol/g
Purity in general: ≥99% or ≥98%
Water content: ≤0.5%












Flame Retardant 1 is the key component of fire-retardant coatings with fire-retardant properties. The selected flame retardant must be able to cooperate with the base material of the fireproof coating and other components of the fireproof system to make it have efficient fireproof and heat insulation micronized wax market performance. In addition, economic efficiency must be considered. Therefore, how to choose flame retardants is a very important task in the research of fire retardant coatings. If you want to choose a good flame retardant, you must first have a simple understanding of the type and function of the fire retardant coating. The following briefly introduces the fire retardant coating and its commonly used flame retardants.

Fire-retardant coatings are also called flame-retardant coatings. In addition to the decorative function of ordinary coatings and physical protection of the substrate, they also need to have special functions of flame-retardant and fire-resistant. Therefore, the fire-retardant coating is a special coating that integrates decoration and fire protection. . In the event of a fire in one day, the fireproof coating has a significant fire and heat insulation effect, which can effectively prevent the spread of the flame, prevent the initial fire and prevent the spread of the fire, so as to give firefighters time to rescue and protect the life and property of the country and the people.

With the implementation of fire protection laws and regulations, all walks of life have increasingly demanded the use of fire-retardant coatings for fire-retardant protection, so that objects have a certain degree of fire resistance, and various series of fire-retardant coatings continue to come out. It includes oil-soluble, water-emulsion, inorganic and other series, and is continuing to develop new varieties and improve product performance.


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