Use of epoxy accelerator DMP-30

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1. This product can be used in organic synthesis. It can be used as an accelerator for curing agents such as polyamides, amidoamines, amine adducts, and liquid polythiols. It is widely used in the fields of anticorrosive coatings, pouring floor concrete protection and adhesives.
2. It can be used as epoxy adhesive, laminate material and floor sealant, acid neutralizer and polyurethane catalyst (ie trimerization catalyst).
3. It is used in combination with epoxy resin curing agent to speed up the curing speed of epoxy resin and increase the strength of the cured product.












There is also a solution for flocculation by adding a compatibiliser. For example, Biel eman [251 uses a compatibilizer to adjust the compatibility between the color paste and the base paint, and the compatibilizer is also a wetting and dispersing agent. The properties of some compatibilizers are shown in Table 26-20, and their hydrophilicity is arranged in descending order of HLB value.

When pigment flocculation occurs, the best results can be obtained with hydrophilic compatibilizers for general water-based color pastes. The method is: first choose the most hydrophilic compatibilizer Nu os per seFA 182 with an HLB value of 20 and Nu os per seFA 196 with an HLB value of 12 for the test, with an increase of about 1%, compare the two, choose the better one. The second is the compatibilizer near the better ones. Finally, choose the best one and determine its dosage. For solvent-based color pastes, lipophilic compatibilizers are the first choice, such as Nuo spers eFX 9086.

Another example is Tego’s product. TegoDispers660C is a compatibilizer for water-based systems, TegoDispers661C is a solvent-based polyurethane-modified, aromatic-free alkyd system compatibilizer, and TegoDispers662C is a compatibilizer wax for solvent-based systems.

Floating color, blooming and solutions
According to the specific situation, you can try the following methods to adjust.
When the situation is serious, it is usually impossible to remedy it, or change the base paint formula or change the color paste formula.
When the situation is moderate, the following methods can be adopted:
①Try to change the dispersant, or the amount of dispersant;
② Solvents or better surfactants are usually added to the base paint or color paste to change the surface tension.


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