How to use Wax Powder BYK-963

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Recommended dosage:
Extrusion process addition: 0.5-2 % of total formulation

Post-addition: 0.5-4 % of the total formulation

Adding method and processing instruction:The product should be mixed with resin, hardener, filler and other additives by high speed mixer and extruded.BYK-963 is a free flowing product and can be added afterwards. It can be easily mixed into powder coatings without agglomeration.














Anti-foaming defoamer
Pinholes, fish eyes, bubbles
After coating, the coating film remains or the surface does not eliminate air bubbles
Antifoaming agent with solvent-based leveling agent
Slow drying, sticky
Reactive coatings shorten the baking time due to lower air temperature or baking temperature
Drier or curing accelerator
Whitish, loss of light
The ambient humidity is too high, the standing time is too short, the initial baking temperature is too high
Solvent-based leveling agent to adjust the volatilization rate
Floating color, blooming
Improper selection of complex color pigments, pigment flocculation and uneven pigment distribution
Anti-floating and blooming additives
Orange peel, ripples, unevenness
Possible factors include coating viscosity, thinner, surface tension and leveling
Leveling agent

Local surface tension is not uniform or the substrate is affected by the adhesion of some top coating systems, but the adhesion of some top coatings is still poor, so what is the actual problem? In fact, only need to color the PP adhesion promoter with The difference between the top coating and the adhesion test can easily find that it is actually the poor adhesion between the PP adhesion promoter and the top coating, rather than the PP adhesion promoter having no effect. At this time, if the top coating system does not want to change, then we can choose Hard l enCY-9122/9124 with excellent interlayer adhesion, which can not only improve the adhesion to the PP substrate, but also obtain excellent interlayer adhesion. Adhesion, completely solve the problem of adhesion.


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