Construction process of polyurethane waterproof coating

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Construction process of polyurethane waterproof coating

① Construction process.
② Apply the primer. The purpose of coating the primer (primer) is to isolate the moisture of the base layer, prevent the waterproof coating film from bulging and falling off, strengthen the base layer, improve the bonding strength between the waterproof coating film and the base layer, and prevent the coating from defects such as pinholes and pores.

Preparation of primer coating: Mix the component A of the polyurethane coating and the component B specially used for the primer coating according to the mixing ratio of 1: (3~4) (mass), and then stir evenly with an electric stirrer; you can also mix the polyurethane coating The two components A and B are mixed evenly according to the specified ratio, and a certain amount of diluent is added to mix evenly before use. It should be noted that the selected diluent must be the matching diluent specified in the product specification of the polyurethane coating, and no other diluent can be used.

Generally, it is enough to brush once on the base surface. Small areas can be applied with a paintbrush. When coating a large area, first use a paint brush to evenly paint complex parts such as the yin and yang corners and the root of the pipe, and then use a long-handled roller brush for large-area painting construction. When brushing, it should be fully coated and thinly coated. The general primer dosage is 0.15~0.20kg/m². The primer should be dried for more than 24 hours after coating, and then the next process can be carried out.

③Coating configuration. According to the construction amount, the paint is mixed according to the mixing ratio provided in the product manual. First pour the paint of component A into the mixing bucket, then pour the coating of component B into the mixing bucket, and stir it with an electric mixer with a speed of 100~500r/min for about 5 minutes before use.

④ Scrape the first coat of paint. After the paint on the partially treated part is dry and solidified, the first paint scraping construction can be carried out. The mixed material that has been stirred evenly is dispersed and poured on the brushing surface, and a layer of paint is evenly scraped with a plastic or rubber scraper. .

When scraping, it is required to apply even force to make the coating uniform, not too thick or too thin. The thickness of the coating is generally about 1.5mm, and the amount of paint is about 1.5kg/m². When starting to scrape, according to the size, shape and environment of the construction area, the order of scraping and the construction road should be considered uniformly.

⑤ Scrape the second coating. After the first coating is cured for 24 hours, the second waterproof coating is scraped on it. The method of smearing is the same as the first one. The thickness of the second waterproof coating is 1mm, and the coating dosage is about 1kg/m². The direction of the scraping should be perpendicular to the direction of the first coat.

⑥ Pave the carcass reinforcement material. micronized amide wax rheology modifier suppliers, When the waterproof layer needs to be covered with matrix reinforcing materials such as glass fiber or chemical fiber non-woven fabric, it should be pasted before the second coating is applied. The laying method can be wet laying or dry laying.

⑦ Scatter gravel. In order to increase the adhesion between the waterproof layer and the cement mortar protective layer or the cement mortar layer of other veneer materials, before the second coating is cured, a layer of clean gravel should be spread on its surface. When a light-colored paint cover is used, the gravel should not be scattered.

⑧ Construction of protective layer. After the coating film is cured, rigid protective layer construction or other protective layer construction can be carried out.


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