Poligen WE6 Polyethylene Wax Emulsion

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Poligen WE6 is a fine-grained aqueous polyethylene wax emulsion with high hardness and high solubility point; it is produced under high pressure in BASF. The synthesis and production procedures are in accordance with FDA regulations.

Solid content: 33-36%
pH value: 7.5-9.5
Viscosity (4mm flow cup, 23℃): 20-60s
Density (liquid hydrometer, 23℃): Ca.1.0g/cm3
Solid solubility point (DSC): 126-133℃













In powder coating formulations, in addition to the type and dosage of wrinkle (orange lines) agents that have a greater impact on the appearance of wrinkles (orange lines) in the coating film, the types and dosages of additives such as leveling agents and accelerators also have an impact, and they are melted. The dispersion effect of the extrusion mixing equipment also has a certain influence

A few days ago, the commonly used wrinkle (orange lines) agents in China are cellulose acetate butyrate CAB551-0.01, CAB-551-0.2 and CAB 531-1 for powder coatings of Eastman Company of the United States; Wrinkle agents of Guangzhou Tianlong Trading Co., Ltd. AS 01, AS 10. AS330, special wrinkle agent AS3B, etc.; Wrinkle agent HN-805 from Hubei Laisi New Chemical Material Co., Ltd.: Deep Wrinkle TS wax Additives (ZS702) from Hangzhou Zhongyao Chemical Industry and Trade Company; Ningbo Nanhai Chemical Co., Ltd. XG608 art-type additives (can also be added): Shanghai Suoshi Chemical Chttps://www.tianswax.com/o., Ltd.’s texturing agent MCB; Wuhan Yanhuang Chemical Co., Ltd.’s MCR and other products, these wrinkle (orange lines) agents are added internally, below Introduce these products in detail.
Cellulose Acetate Butyrate Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB) is a commonly used additive in coatings. It is used in solvent-based coatings as a leveling, ultraviolet light stabilizer, anti-yellowing agent, and aluminum powder alignment agent. It is used in powder coatings. The technical indicators of using these products as orange streak agent.

In the powder formula, the dosage of cellulose acetate butyrate is 0.1%~0.3% of the total formula. With the increase of dosage, the three-dimensional effect of the coated waistline decreases and gradually becomes a smooth appearance, when it increases to 0.5% Above, it becomes a completely flat coating profile: as the dosage is reduced, the orange pattern of the coating film becomes stronger, and when it is reduced to a certain degree, the coating film is easy to show off. Therefore, choose a good pickle according to the appearance requirements of the coating film. The variety and dosage of acid cellulose are necessary. In addition, the variety and dosage of fillers, pigments and additives also have a certain effect on the orange texture. The gloss of Xu membrane can be adjusted by the matt cubic titanium of general powder coating.

AS01, AS10, AS330, AS3B drum patterning agent AS01 patterning agent is a polymer compound surface active, added together when formulating powder coatings, it can adjust the viscosity and surface tension of the powder coating in the molten state, so that the coating produces velvet This kind of wrinkle agent is suitable for various resin types of powder coatings. The amount of addition in the formula is small, and the texture is relatively clear: by adjusting the amount of use and the composition of the formula, you can get different The size of wrinkles is except for the film; the production process of wrinkle agent is relatively simple, and the repeatability of wrinkle texture is better.


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