What are the features of Tencel cotton yarn?

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Tencel yarn is more difficult to take care of than pure cotton. If you wash Tencel cotton directly in a washing machine, it is easy to damage the fabric. Pure cotton is better washed. However, for people to wear it, Tencel brings to the skin something that pure cotton cannot reach. Tencel not only absorbs moisture but also easily conducts moisture. However, for pure cotton fabrics, its moisture-conducting ability is relatively weak.






Tencel is a cellulose fiber that adopts solvent spinning technology. Its dry strength is slightly lower than that of polyester, but significantly higher than that of ordinary viscose fibers. It has very high rigidity, good dimensional stability in washing, and high moisture absorption. The fiber cross section is round or oval, with beautiful luster, soft hand feeling, good drapability and good elegance. Tencel is a solvent-based cellulose fiber, which was developed by AcorDis in the United Kingdom for ten years, and was not commercialized until the 1990s. It is a typical green fiber. Tencel fiber is a mixture of conifer-based wood pulp, water and solvent amine oxide, heated to complete dissolution, no derivatives and chemical effects will be produced during the dissolution process, polyethylene wax emulsion, and directly spun after removal of impurities, its molecular structure is simple of carbohydrates.

Properties of Tencel-cotton blended yarns
Moisture conductivity: Tencel is a cellulose fiber produced by a breakthrough controllable fibril technology. Through the research and development of controlled fibrils and regular structure arrangement, Tencel fiber has the functions of hydrophilicity, hygroscopicity, breathability and coolness , also has good skin-friendly properties. General man-made fibers (such as polyester) cannot absorb moisture well, but Tencel fiber can absorb books regularly and fully, and its water absorption is 1.5 times that of cotton. When we sleep, our body will release 0.4 liters of water per month through sweating. Bedding made of Tencel fiber, thanks to the superior moisture absorption properties of Tencel, ensures that we can fall asleep peacefully in a dry and pleasant sleeping environment.

Tencel yarn advantages:
It has the “bookability” of cotton, the “strength” of polyester, the “luxurious beauty” of wool fabric, and the “unique touch” and “soft drape” of silk, and it has good toughness no matter in dry or wet state. In the wet state, it is a cellulose fiber whose wet strength is far superior to that of cotton. Coupled with an environmentally friendly manufacturing process, the lifestyle is based on protecting the natural environment and fully meets the needs of modern consumers.


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