Euroceras pe wax for PET masterbatch

2021-12-22   Pageview:614

Customer area: color masterbatch for daily chemical packaging containers (PET masterbatch and PE masterbatch)

Industry problem: Due to the diverse colors, metallic colors, phantom colors, matte effects, high gloss effects, etc., uniform dispersion, no light transmission and no odor are required.

Solution: 2T has very good wetting and dispersing effect for color, low filtration pressure, which can achieve the maximum dispersion of color masterbatch, no odor, and meet all environmental protection indexes.













Epoxy powder coatings are mainly applied by electrostatic powder spraying. In addition, pe wax h110 they can also be applied by fluidized bed dip coating, flame spraying, air spraying and other methods.

Epoxy powder coating has the following advantages:
(1) The powder coating has low melt viscosity and good film leveling: no by-products are produced during the curing reaction, and the appearance of the film is smooth, and it is not easy to produce film pinholes and volcanic pits.
(2) Since the epoxy resin has a base in the molecule, it has good adhesion to the substrates such as enterprises, and generally does not need a primer.
(3) The coating film has high hardness and good scratch resistance.
(4) There is a bisphenol A skeleton in the epoxy resin structure, and there is a tunnel chain with good flexibility, and the physical and mechanical properties of the coating film are good. (5) There is no ester group on the skeleton of the Buwei membrane structure, which has better corrosion resistance and new chemical resistance than the atmosphere-polyester powder coating. It is very suitable for anti-corrosion and anti-rust coating.
(6) The powder coating has good color matching and powder blending properties, and a wide selection of curing agents. It can be high gloss, right gloss, semi-gloss, matt, matt, flash, pattern, wrinkle, hammer, sand, etc. Various colors and varieties.
(7) The powder coating has good application suitability. It can be applied by electrostatic powder spraying, fluidized bed dipping, electrostatic fluidized bed dipping, flame spraying and air spraying.
(8) It has a wide range of applications, mainly used in anti-rust and anti-corrosion coating, and can also be used in indoor decorative coating and electrical insulation coating. In recent years, outdoor weather-resistant oxygen-poor powder coatings have been developed.

Due to the influence of bisphenol A in the structure of epoxy resin, the coating film of epoxy powder coating prepared with bisphenol A epoxy resin is not good in weather resistance, and the coating film will be completely lost after 3-5 months of outdoor exposure in summer. Light, yellowing, powdering in half a year, but not much influence on the corrosion resistance. Representative different substrates and surface treatments affect the coating performance of epoxy powder coatings in Table 43. These data show that different substrates All have roughly the same coating film performance, but different surface treatments have a greater impact on the salt spray resistance of the coating film.


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