Euroceras PE wax for PP modification

2021-12-22   Pageview:564

Customer field: automotive PP modification, furniture PP modification

Industry problem: As the parts are relatively large, poor flowability will produce tiger skin pattern.

Solution: PO series Very low addition amount, can be painted will make PP melt index several times, and does not affect the mechanical properties, no smell, long light cycle, no precipitation.













Although the current epoxy powder coatings are mainly based on bisphenol A epoxy resins, which are mainly used for anti-corrosion and rust prevention and some matte powder coatings, the research and development of weather-resistant epoxy powder coatings has been going on. Mainly epoxy powder uncoated from alicyclic epoxy resin and epoxy resin with glycidyl group, among which epoxy powder is prepared from alicyclic glycidyl ether epoxy resin and alicyclic glycidyl ester epoxy resin The weather resistance of the coating has been greatly improved, and it can be used outdoors. In addition, the weather resistance of powder coatings formulated with hydrogenated bisphenol pe wax emulsion formulation A epoxy resin has also been significantly improved. Due to the comprehensive consideration of the film performance and coating cost of this weather-resistant epoxy powder coating, there is no advantage over polyester or polyurethane powder coatings, and it has not been widely promoted and applied in industrial production.

Epoxy powder coatings are widely used at home and abroad in the coating of the inner and outer walls of oil, gas, and water pipelines of different diameters, as well as material transportation pipelines in chemical plants, pipelines for large ships, mine support frames, scaffolding, steel bars, etc. Heavy anti-corrosion coating. In addition, it is also used in the electrical insulation coating of instruments and meter housings, automobile and tractor accessories, motor rotors and copper cables with decorative requirements.

Regarding the manufacturing methods of epoxy powder coatings, we will introduce them in detail in the following “Manufacturing of Powder Coatings” and “Manufacturing Equipment of Powder Coatings”.

Principle of curing reaction
The film-forming material in epoxy powder coating is epoxy resin and curing agent. These two compounds do not undergo chemical reaction at room temperature, but under the condition of baking curing temperature of powder coating, chemical reaction can be carried out and cross-linked and cured. The film has become a polymer compound coating film with certain physical and mechanical properties, chemical resistance and good performance. As we all know, the reactive bases in epoxy resins are mainly epoxy groups (or glycidyl groups), in addition to Hydroxyl; in the curing agent, there are many types of curing agents. Different curing agents have different reactive groups, but the main reactive group is the active compound that can react with epoxy groups (the nitrogen and hydrogen groups of amines), such as Active chlorine of dicyandiamide and sebacic acid dihydrazide; groups that can react with epoxy groups, such as spinyl in polyester resins; anhydride groups that can react with hydroxyl groups in epoxy resins, such as benzophenone The acid anhydride group in the bis tetracarboxylic acid.


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