Euroceras PE wax for nylon modified PA

2021-12-22   Pageview:1203

Customer area: nylon modified PA Application of complex reinforced nylon parts

Industry problem: The parts are very small and complex and require very good flowability to fill the mold frame when injection molding the parts.

Solution: 69 series High flowability, very low additive level. Does not cause hydrolysis













Except that the coating film of thermosetting powder coatings is thicker than that of solvent-based coatings, the other physical and mechanical properties and chemical resistance of the coating are not much different. Due to the characteristics of thermosetting powder coatings, its output has an absolute advantage in powder coatings, but compared with traditional solvent-based and water-based coatings, its output is only 1/10 of their output, which only replaces a part of traditional coatings. It cannot be completely replaced, but there is no doubt that the output of thermosetting powder coatings is growing faster than solvent-based coatings. If you want to replace more solvent-based coatings with thermosetting powder coatings, further efforts are needed in the future.

Generally, thermosetting powder coatings are manufactured according to the most commonly used melt-extrusion mixing method in powder coating manufacturing methods. This manufacturing method is to pre-mix the resins, peripheral chemicals, pigments, fillers and additives with a high-speed mixer, pe wax hs code then melt and mix them with a melt extrusion mixer, and then cool and crush them with a cooling belt. The crushed materials are finely pulverized with an air classifying mill (namely ACM mill), and then classified and sieved with a cyclone separator and a sieving machine, and finally the finished product is obtained. Of course, some special powder coatings are manufactured by other manufacturing methods, but the proportion is very small. The specific manufacturing process and equipment of powder coatings are described in detail in Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 below.

The varieties of thermosetting powder coatings can be classified according to the type of resin: (pure) epoxy, epoxy-polyester, (pure) polyester, polyurethane, acrylic and fluororesin powder coatings, etc. Some countries will add more detailed classifications. Varieties of polyester acrylic and epoxy-acrylic powder coatings. In my country, polyester-acrylic and cyclo-acrylic powder coatings are rarely used. These varieties are classified into epoxy, polyester, and acrylic powder coatings respectively. In addition, the composition, manufacturing method, use and performance, and coating method of powder coatings are special Thermosetting powder coatings, such as UV-curable powder wood coatings, electrophoretic powder coatings, water-dispersed (high-build) powder coatings, antibacterial powder coatings, insulating powder coatings, etc., are separated from the resin types and used as one of the thermosetting powder coatings Varieties with special functions are introduced. The technical indicators of powder coatings and coating films in the chemical industry standard of thermosetting powder coatings “Thermosetting Powder Coatings (HB/T2006-2006)”.


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