Euroceras PE wax for low VOC masterbatches

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Low VOC color masterbatch (represented by PE/PP color masterbatch)

Industry problem: With the development trend of automobile light weight, the more modified plastics make and proportion on the automobile, people’s requirements for environmental protection and their own health are getting higher and higher, and plastic parts have become a big part of automobile VOC detection. When the car interior parts toxic volatile gas reaches a certain concentration, a short time people will have a headache, nausea, and even convulsions and other symptoms, and can damage the liver, kidneys, brain and nervous system spinning, a serious threat to human health.

Solution: 69 series Very low addition amount can replace the traditional dispersion, high wetting and high dispersion, no smell, and stable structure, no precipitation, long light cycle.













This powder coating product “De Mianba” has the following characteristics:
(1) The powder coating has uniform particle size distribution, good fluidity, and many varieties and specifications, which can meet the needs of users for fluidized bed dip coating and electrostatic powder spraying.
(2) The coating film has good leveling, high gloss and hardness. The coating can also process and repair various high-precision mechanical parts as required.
(3) The coating film has special abrasion resistance and lubrication properties, a low friction coefficient, and abrasion resistance 6-8 times that of copper. It is an ideal surface for manufacturing wear-resistant and sound-absorbing equipment parts such as guide rails, printing rollers, steel ink rollers, etc. coating.
(4) The coating film has good adhesion to the substrate, and no primer is required; the coating film has excellent chemical resistance and weather resistance.
(5) The adaptability of various coating methods is strong, and it can be coated by fluidized bed dip coating or electrostatic powder coating. In coating, the plasticization time of the coating is short, pe wax indonesia the energy consumption is low, and the coating efficiency is high.

“Derba” powder coatings have a variety of colors, including black, white, blue, yellow, silver gray and copper gray. The technical indicators of the two types of “Deer” powder coatings are shown in Table 3-35; the fluidized bed dip coating and electrostatic powder coating process conditions of “Deerba” are shown in Table 3-36; “Derba” and nylon powder Comparison of coating film performance.

Thermosetting powder coatings are powder coatings composed of thermosetting resins, curing agents (or cross-linked resins), pigments, fillers and additives. The advantages and disadvantages between this kind of powder coating and thermoplastic powder coating, the results show that thermosetting powder coating has many advantages than thermoplastic powder coating. Its coating resin and color varieties are more diverse, the output is much larger, and the application range is also very wide. In the thermoplastic powder coating towel, the film-forming product is a thermo-type resin: in the thermosetting powder coating, the film-forming product is the reaction product of the thermosetting resin and the curing agent. The thermosetting resin and the curing agent all have reactive groups. During the baking and curing process of the coating, the reactive groups of the thermosetting resin and the curing agent undergo a chemical cross-linking reaction with each other, and finally cured into a coating film of a polymer compound. Compared with solvent-based coatings, thermosetting powder coatings have their advantages and disadvantages. This has been described in the advantages and disadvantages of powder coatings. In order to better compare the film properties of thermosetting powder coatings and solvent-based coatings, the film properties of the two coatings are compared.


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