6 features of AEROSOL A-102 emulsifier for emulsion polymerization

2021-12-23   Pageview:597

* Low dosage, producing small to medium particle size

* Preparation of high solids emulsions with low coagulation

* Excellent mechanical stability, excellent electrolyte resistance

* Excellent film-forming properties: high transparency, good water resistance, less yellowing when exposed to heat

* Excellent adhesion when combined with AEROSOL MA-80I or LF-4

* Increased dosage of water-soluble special monomers such as CYLINK NMA and C-4













Four, curing agent and the corresponding formula and coating film performance
Epoxy powder coating with curing agent in addition to the general powder coating with curing agent conditions, should also have the epoxy resin with the epoxy group, hydroxyl and other active reactive groups cross-linking reaction of the active group. Meet the conditions of many varieties of curing agents, mainly dicyandiamide, substituted dicyandiamide, aromatic amines, dicarboxylic dihydrazide, anhydride, imidazole, imidazoline, cyclic amidine, boron trifluoride amine complex, phenolic hydroxyl resin, polyester resin, acrylic resin, etc.. In these curing agents, the industrial use of a large number of organic compounds such as dicyandiamide, substituted dicyandiamide, sebacic acid dihydrazide, acid anhydride, imidazole and cyclamidine; resin phenolic hydroxyl resins, polyester resins, acrylic resins, etc.. Aromatic amines are hardly used because of pe wax granules price toxicity problems; boron trifluoride amine complexes are not used because of stability problems; as for polyester resin curing powder coatings, has become a large variety of thermosetting powder coatings – epoxy – polyester powder coatings, has become a system of its own, will be specifically discussed later. The following specific introduction of other varieties of commonly used epoxy powder coating curing agent.

Dicyandiamide and epoxy resin compatibility is not good, to get a good dispersion of women need high temperature. In the high temperature dicyandiamide curing epoxy powder coating, the color of the coating film is still very light, t is also not yellowing coating film physical and mechanical properties can be. The disadvantage of this curing agent is the high curing temperature and long time. In order to speed up the curing reaction speed of epoxy resin and dicyandiamide and reduce the curing temperature

Generally add curing accelerator, this curing accelerator varieties are imidazole, cyclamidine, imidazoline, guanidine, guanidine, triazine, hydrazide, tertiary amine, quazin, urea derivatives, phenolic hydroxyl compounds, etc.. Different accelerators have their own characteristics, for example, imidazole class of strong reactivity, guanidine and quazin can get very good physical and mechanical properties, especially good impact strength. 2-methylimidazole to promote dicyandiamide curing epoxy powder coating formulation examples are shown in Table 4-15, 2-methylimidazole to promote dicyandiamide curing epoxy powder coating.


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