Role of AEROSOL A-102 emulsifier

2021-12-23   Pageview:811

AEROSOL A-102 surfactant is an excellent performance primary emulsifier for emulsion polymerization of pure propylene, acetic acid, benzene propylene and EVA systems. It collects both polar anionic groups and nonpolar nonionic groups in one molecule. This unique molecular structure has both electrostatic and spatial stabilization effects, making the emulsions have excellent electrolyte stability and mechanical stability.

Due to its acid stability and low surface tension, AEROSOL A-102 can be widely used as a stabilizer and dispersant.AEROSOL A-102 is non-irritating to the skin.














Coating film performance technical indicators are shown in Table 4-16. this powder coating in the epoxy-powder coating varieties accounted for a small proportion of still. Epoxy resin price is cheaper than polyester resin, the 20th century 80s to promote a lot, but with the full promotion of epoxy-polyester powder coatings, epoxy resin price than polyester resin is much more expensive when, in addition to anti-corrosion aspects, the promotion of the application of very little.

2. Replace dicyandiamide
Dicyandiamide has a high melting point and low reactivity. In order to reduce the melting point so that it is easy to melt and mix with epoxy resin and improve the reactivity, dicyandiamide can be added with ammonia to get low melting point addition dicyandiamide. Addition of dicyandiamide can be replaced pe wax h208 by aromatic compounds to get substituted dicyandiamide, a representative substituted dicyandiamide 2,5-dimethylphenyl diguanidine. This curing agent is a derivative of dicyandiamide, low melting point, good miscibility with epoxy resin, than dicyandiamide curing reaction temperature is low, fast curing reaction speed, is a very good epoxy resin curing agent. Cured with this curing agent epoxy powder coating appearance, hardness, impact strength, flexibility, adhesion and chemical resistance are very good. The chemical structure formula of this curing agent is as follows.


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