Anti-mold anti-bacterial agent applications – Polyethylene,PE

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Polyethylene (PE):
Generally speaking, compared with plasticized PVC and polyurethane, polyethylene is less susceptible to microbial attack. Low molecular weight polyethylene (<10,000) and polymers with relatively small branching are at higher risk of microbial attack.
















Organic tin antifouling agent
Organotin antifouling agent has a broad spectrum for preventing marine fouling organisms, and will not lose antifouling activity due to the influence of pollutants sulfide and sulfate in the water area, and the amount is only 1/10 of cuprous oxide. It is formulated into an antifouling paint containing only organic tin antifouling agent but no steel antifouling agent. It is used for ships with aluminum alloy light metal structures wax emulsion example without causing

electrochemical corrosion. At the same time, it can be formulated with various colors of antifouling paint. Dirt paint. Therefore, since organotin was used in antifouling coatings until the mid-1990s, it has been the most important type of antifouling agent.

The chemical structural formula of bis-tributyl tin oxide is (CeH,) a-Sn-O-Sn-(CH) a, referred to as TB TO. It can be directly used in antifouling coatings, and it is also the basic raw material for the synthesis of hydrolyzable organotin acrylate polymers.
The main performance indicators of bis-tributyltin oxide
Boiling point (266.6Pa)/℃ Relative density Tin content/%
Colorless or slightly yellow transparent liquid Purity/% 1821.1738.8
Flash point/℃ Solubility 96≥100 Hardly soluble in water, easily soluble in organic solvents
Manufacturers of TB TO mainly include Atochem in the United States, Nitto Kasei in Japan and Acima in Switzerland.
The chemical structural formula of tributyltin fluoride is (Ce Hg) a-Sn-F, abbreviated as TBTF. TBTF is a highly effective antifouling agent, which is very effective for barnacles, waters, and algae. The performance indicators are shown in Table 9-7. TBTF is usually used in conjunction with a small amount of TB TO.


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