The role of aqueous wax emulsion in ink

2021-08-02   Pageview:334

Water-based wax emulsion as an additive in water-based ink, can better improve the surface properties of water-based ink after film formation, giving the ink better resistance to wear and scuffing ability. Also wax emulsions can be used as matting agents.

Water-based ink coating formulations often add a variety of low molecular, high melting point wax powder or wax emulsion, the main purpose is to enhance the thermal transfer process so that the coating surface has a rich feel, wear and scratch resistance matting, degassing and texturing effect. Because in the water-based ink system, the wax molecules can play a bonding effect, the wax molecules can be adsorbed on the ink filler particles, can be transferred to the uppermost layer of the coating, to prevent the coating from the sticky and sticky situation.

In the water-based ink system, the role of wax emulsion and wax powder is the same, both can very well enhance the ink film wear resistance and scratch resistance, leveling degassing. Wax emulsion manufacturers consider the following 2 additional advantages.

Dispersibility. Wax emulsion after emulsifier emulsification, the system is more stable and better dispersion, added to the ink system, can be very good uniform dispersion in the ink system, and better compatibility. And the wax powder itself belongs to the ultra-fine particles, adding the finer the wax powder, due to the role of molecular forces, the wax powder will agglomerate, added to the ink system, if the dispersion is not good, the surface of the ink film will be very rough, no smooth feel, there is a sense of grain. But if the dispersion of the wax powder is good, the effect is also great.

Compatibility. Preparation of all coating formulations, the overall compatibility of good or bad, will directly affect the performance of the entire product, so whether it is wax powder or wax emulsion, in the process of use, you need to consider the formulation of other formulations will not react with it, resulting in the problem of poor compatibility.



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