Water-based EVA wax emulsion for Coatings

2022-03-22   Pageview:626

Product type: water-based silver powder orienting agent

Technical data:
Appearance: white emulsion
Solid content: 10%
Density GB/T 1033.1-2008: 1.00-1.05 (g/cm³)
Solvent: Water
pH: 4-7


This product is an EVA wax emulsion.

• Improved orientation of effect pigments.

• Compared to polyurethane-based thickeners, this product is less sensitive to co-solvents in coating systems.

• It is helpful for the anti-settling of silver powder

• Excellent anti-settling properties during storage and construction

After adding the effect pigment paste, add 227B to the paint with low shear agitation. No pre-dilution with water is required. Since this product is acidic, 227B will reduce the pH value, so it is recommended to adjust the pH value of the coating system to 9.0 – 9.5 before adding 227B, and then adjust the pH value to 7.5~8 after adding 227B. Finally use a rotational viscometer (such as a Brookfie viscometer) to adjust the viscosity, do not use a flow cup.

Add amount:
The recommended addition amount of this product (calculated by the total formula amount) is 2.0~5.0%, please choose the best addition amount according to different actual needs.

Typical application:
This product is recommended for water-based paints.

Packaging and Storage:
The product is packed in 25kg plastic drum and stored in a dry and cool place. The product has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of delivery, after which the product should be inspected before use.


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