Germany BASF LUWAX EVA3 wax

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It is a low molecular weight substance of copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. It has polar groups in the structure, so it can improve the affinity with inorganic substances and the compatibility of polar resins. German BASF LUWAX EVA3 wax has stable chemical properties and good electrical properties. It is an effective dispersant in the production of color masterbatches. It can effectively improve the vividness of product colors.

Polyethylene wax containing ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), which contains vinyl acetate (Vac) content (wt%) in 13-15, has high melt viscosity (120℃): 1200-1500 (mm2/s), high affinity with pigments, especially suitable for dispersion of carbon black and difficult to disperse pigments. It is also recommended for TPU applications, such as Luwax EVA3, which is well known in the plastics industry. There are other products in this series, such as Luwax EVA1.

VAc content (wt%): about 13-15
Melting point(degree Celsius): 93-98
Melt viscosity (120 degree Celsius)(mm2/s): 1200-1500














From the safety considerations in the manufacture and painting of powder coatings, it is best that the pigments are non-toxic or have little toxicity. In general, try not to use or use less toxic materials such as lead, lead, chromium, etc., especially for the human body. Powder wood paint made of 1.6 micron polytetrafluoroethylene ptfe powder non-toxic pigments must be used when the items in contact are powder-packed.

Considering the popularization, application and industrialization of powder coatings, the sources of materials are abundant and the prices are cheaper.

Commonly used in powder coatings are inorganic pigments and organic pigments. Commonly used inorganic pigments are titanium dioxide (anatase and rutile), iron pigments (iron red, iron brown, mica iron oxide, iron black and iron yellow, etc.), lead chrome yellow pigments (lemon chrome yellow, shallow road Yellow, medium chrome yellow, deep chrome yellow and orange chrome yellow and their coated products), molybdenum chrome red series products, cyan, carbon black, aluminum powder, gold powder, nickel powder and pearlescent pigments. Commonly used domestic organic pigment varieties are cyanine blue series (red phase and blue phase), phthalocyanine green series, water solid red series, permanent yellow series, water solid purple series (red and blue phase), light fast yellow, light fast Red, light fast brilliant red, light fast red, Xin Baohong, etc., the common light and weather fastness of the shell can be used indoors, can not be used outdoors, the advantages and disadvantages of inorganic pigments and organic pigments are compared.

Powder coatings When comparing the weather resistance and light fastness of various materials used with foreign high-level varieties, there are certain life spans in terms of technical indicators, especially yellow and red organic pigments, in order to facilitate reference when designing powder coating formulations , List the pigment varieties and performance indicators that can be used in powder coatings from the organic pigment varieties of Hangzhou Baihe Chemical Co., Ltd., and the series of organic pigments such as Nao Shi C ibs company’s colorful, colorful, beautiful, and colorful The comprehensive properties of heat resistance, light resistance, weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance are relatively good.


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