Composition of polyurethane water-based mold release agent

2022-01-23   Pageview:612

Water-based mold release agent for polyurethane, consisting of the following weight percent components.
Emulsified wax liquid: 10% to 15%; methyl silicone oil emulsion: 15% to 20%; modified silicone oil emulsion: 5% to 8%; deionized water: 50% to 55%; emulsifier: 4.5% to 6%; additives: 0.5% to 1%; preservative: 0.3% to 0.5%.

This water-based release agent, mainly used in the production process of polyurethane products cast molding after leaving the mold, giving most polyurethane molding good release effect. Its characteristic is that the product takes water as the dispersed phase, and the water-soluble substance formed has the function of making polyurethane foam release, but also has biodegradability, no VOC and other harmful substances produced, and strong environmental protection; and water as diluent, non-polluting and easy to obtain, low cost.

Polyurethane molding products used in the release agent to wax-based, wax has good mold release properties. In the early days, wax additives were added to organic solvents to make release agents. Wax can also be added to water and made into a suspension of water-based release agent, the wax used for natural wax or synthetic waxes such as polyethylene wax. This type of release agent is mainly used in the production of soft foam.


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