The role of polyethylene wax in the modification of engineering plastic

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Prospect of modified engineering plastics
With the booming development of domestic automobile, electrical, electronic and communication machinery industry, the demand for modified engineering plastics will rise sharply, and various high-strength and heat-resistant engineering plastics will be widely used. Experts pointed out that the modified engineering plastics industry will develop in the direction of high performance, specialization and serialization of products.

Engineering plastics modification principle
As the shrinkage of PP material is relatively large, creep resistance, weather resistance and room temperature stability are relatively poor, low temperature impact toughness, so that can not meet the special requirements of some products with material performance. Polyolefin materials are widely available, low cost, mature synthesis process, good mechanical balance, low density, chemical corrosion resistance and easy to shape and process. Therefore, it needs to be modified to meet the special performance needs of the product.

Polyethylene wax for engineering plastics needs to have the following properties
1, the dimensional stability of the material for the product should be good, which requires the material to have good creep resistance.
2, the weather resistance should be good, need to be able to maintain a long time use does not change color, not aging cracking.
3, The materials used for the products are required to have a relatively high cost performance.
4, the material needs to have a certain surface performance.
5, The material should have very good mechanical strength and impact toughness at the same time.
6, the material needs to be easy to shape and process.

Application of polyethylene wax for engineering plastics in the modification process

1, matrix raw materials: general-purpose resin, chemical synthetic grafting agent, surface treatment agent, cross-linking agent, nucleating agent, toughening agent, filler, reinforcing agent, anti-aging agent, dispersant, stabilizer, compound filling masterbatch, etc.

Polyethylene wax is mainly used as dispersant and lubricant in the modification of engineering plastics. It is widely used in PC,PA,PC/ABS,PET,PS,POM,PP and other engineering plastic grease with high compatibility and thermal stability.

2, Equipment used: High-speed mixing machine, compacting machine, chemical radiation cross-linking machine, electronic precision analysis balance, chemical analyzer, injection molding machine, co-rotating twin-screw extruder and other major equipment.

3, molding method: physical and chemical methods of modification of the integrated method.

The role of engineering plastics modification
In the field of automotive plastics, polyethylene wax has an important role in the toughening modification of engineering plastics, strengthening modification and functional modification of weathering and antistatic, flame retardant, high gloss, etc. Modified PP, PE, ABS, PA, PC, PBT, AS, PVC, etc. can be widely used to meet the needs of automotive, communications, home appliances, building materials, electronics, sporting goods, daily necessities and other industries.


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