What is the effect of adding wax emulsion to latex gloves?

2022-03-27   Pageview:628

Wax emulsions have a variety of functions in latex gloves and improve a variety of surface properties, including slip and wetting, abrasion resistance, blocking resistance, mold release, ease of wear, moisture resistance and active oxygen resistance. This feature is particularly important for the production of natural latex gloves.

Natural Rubber Gloves-NR:

According to the natural latex obtained from pure natural flowers and trees, it is filtered and concentrated to remove most of the water-based ingredients.

Nitrile Gloves-NBR:

Nitrile rubber is a soft and easy-to-stretch raw material. Compared with natural latex or methacrylate gloves, it has stronger puncture resistance and abrasion resistance. It is mainly made of acrylonitrile butadiene, which has good high barrier, durability and good compressive strength.

Polyethylene Gloves-PVC:

PVC is a cost-effective thermoplastic polymer, which is very durable and durable. PVC gloves give extremely good safety protection performance, including certain organic chemical exposure and physical damage protection.

The advantages of using wax emulsion:

Organic chemical plasticity: does not react with natural latex.

Applicable to water-based management system to improve mold release (very easy to detach).

Reduce frictional resistance, improve wearability, and improve wear resistance in polymer coatings.

The total electron density is reduced by creating an insulating layer.

Active oxygen embrittlement safety protection, giving anti-adhesion to the gloves inside the package.


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