Polyethylene Wax Dispersion for Solvent-Based Industrial Coatings

2022-03-01   Pageview:951

Solvent-based industrial coatings can directly disperse and add polyethylene wax dispersion at high speed

RHEOART@5101P is a dispersion type polyethylene wax slurry, which is convenient to use and easy to add.

Product data:

Composition: polyethylene wax

Appearance: Translucent white flowing paste

Active ingredient: 9.5-10.5 %

Solvent: xylene/isobutanol


▲Solvent-based self-drying wood paint, industrial paint

▲Alkyd, acrylic/amino paint

▲Polyurethane coating, epoxy coating

▲Aluminum powder paint, aluminum silver paste

▲Solvent-based ink

The main function:

▲It can be added after use without activation or grinding, and has a slight effect on viscosity;

▲It has a certain anti-settling effect on pigments and fillers, avoiding the formation of hardened deposits at the bottom of the tank, and it is very easy to stir up;

▲It has almost no effect on the physical and chemical properties of the paint film such as gloss, yellowing resistance, water resistance, drying speed;

▲Especially suitable for anti-settling and arrangement positioning of aluminum powder, pearl powder, fluorescent pigment and other fillers.

How to add and dosage:

It can be added at any stage, please stir evenly, and the dispersion temperature should not exceed 60℃

The amount added depends on the coating system, generally 0.5-3% of the total amount.


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