Application of Wax Emulsion in Seed Coating Film Forming Agent

2022-03-20   Pageview:312

The seed coating mainly includes active ingredients and inactive ingredients. Its type, composition and content directly reflect the efficacy of the seed coating agent. The active ingredients of the seed coating mainly include insecticides, hormones, growth regulators, and beneficial microorganisms. The composition of the non-active ingredients directly affects the quality of the seed coating and the effect of the coating. Wax emulsion can be used as an inactive ingredient in liquid-phase seed coating agents such as suspension type and water emulsion type.

The wax, emulsifier and other components used can be used for food contact, which is safe and harmless to seeds, does not affect the development of seeds, and has no effect on the soil after long-term use.

The film formed by the wax emulsion can be slowly degraded and broken in the soil water environment, which is suitable for drug release.

The film formed by the wax emulsion in seed coating  has smoothness, hardness, certain toughness and adhesion, high gloss, stable compounding with other components, and is suitable for coating process.

The range of products differentiated by the particle size of the wax particles can provide film formers with different gloss, film density and drying properties.

Wax emulsion is a water-based functional additive. Its “solvent-free, low-odor” characteristics meet the requirements of “green agricultural development”, with good compatibility and fast drying speed. (such as synthetic wax) wax emulsion can effectively improve the abrasion resistance and fluidity of seeds, and improve the overall surface protection effect of seed coating agents on seeds. The physical and chemical properties of emulsifying wax are inert, and it will basically not affect the active ingredients in the seed coating agent and the air permeability of the seeds. The wax emulsion can be regarded as a micron-scale small molecular weight filler, which is distributed in the dispersed phase in the system, and adheres closely to the surface of the seeds after drying. In the process of seed dressing, the seed coating agent added with wax emulsion can significantly improve the gloss of the seed surface. The selection of wax emulsions with different particle sizes can adjust the surface gloss of the seeds and improve the appearance of the seeds.


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