Concrete SPUA Polyurea Floor Coating

2022-03-28   Pageview:621

The concrete SPUA polyurea floor coating has fast curing speed, continuous spraying on the top surface of the facade without sagging; 100% solid content, no VOC, environmentally friendly; excellent physical properties, good adhesion to the substrate; high elongation, resistance to No cracking after alternating hot and cold; the overall film has no joints and is beautiful; excellent anti-slip performance to avoid personnel falling; good wear resistance.

SPUA spraying breaks the limitations of use, expands the characteristics of instant curing and high-speed reaction to a new field, and broadens people’s concept of paint and coating technology. The combination of polyurea coating, spraying agent and spraying technology can meet the performance requirements of different fields.

SPUA polyurea floor coating is integrated with the concrete matrix. It can play the role of sealing, dustproof, wear-resistant, impermeable, and prevent the generation and weathering of fine cracks. The finished floor has a natural luster and is suitable for electronics, food, pharmaceuticals Flooring in other industries, tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pools, medical primary schools, kindergartens, electronic ultra-clean workshops, fitness halls, sports venues stands, underground parking lots, construction sites, etc.

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