Dispersant GW1500 for water-oil ink coating system

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Pigment dispersant GW1500 for water-based paints and inks and G-700, wetting dispersant for matte powder and pigments, Gongrongshe G-700, the following is the main introduction of GW1500, and G700 is introduced in detail in another article.

Dispersant GW1500 is a dispersant suitable for water-based pigment concentrates. It does not require special dispersing resins and can produce concentrates with high pigment concentration, contributing to the rationalization of paint production processes. In addition, due to the improvement of pigment dispersion, higher surface gloss can be obtained, and at the same time, it can help to improve the color separation phenomenon. This type can also be used in solvent-based coatings.

Characteristics of dispersant GW1500

1. It can improve the dispersion speed of pigments to obtain dispersion stability.

2. It can effectively reduce the viscosity of the pigment when dispersing (the pigment concentration can be increased.)

3. Effectively solve the phenomenon of color separation, and have a good effect on the wetting and dispersing of organic pigments.

4. The active ingredient content is 100% and does not contain solvents, additive to improve gloss of PU coating.

Physical and chemical properties

Main component: Modified product of copolymer containing carboxylic acid

Appearance: yellow-brown liquid

Active ingredient content: 100

Viscosity (25℃): Z6 (bubble viscometer)

Acid value: about 55mgKOH/g

Supply: S Haiyuan Suhuag

Note: The above items are only technical data and are for reference only.

Scope of use

Various water-based coatings, inks, solvent-based coatings, inks.

1. Acrylic latex paint, polyurethane dispersion paint.

2. Acrylic/polyurethane mixed latex paint and alkyd dispersion paint.

3. Water-soluble acrylic paint, etc.


Add amount:

Carbon black: 20% to 60% to pigment ratio (converted to solid content)

Organic pigments: 15% to 30% to pigment ratio (converted to solid content)

Inorganic pigments: 3% to 10% to pigment ratio (converted to solid content)

Addition time: Add in the pigment grinding and dispersing stage.


18kg iron drum


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