UV Metallic Glass Ink

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UVG UV-curable ink is suitable for metal, glass, ceramics and other materials. The ink has high gloss, strong three-dimensional effect, good solvent resistance, no solvent volatilization, and is environmentally friendly.

Use of UVG ink:

1, This product can be printed directly on metal, glass, ceramics and other materials.

2. When printing, the screen used is generally 140T-200T screen (350 mesh-450 mesh): If the ink feels too thick during printing, you can add 2-10% UVG special boiling oil to dilute the product, and pass UV after printing. The power of the UV lamp is required to be above 5000W, which is different due to the characteristics of the material itself and the light absorption of the pigment. The dark substrate and the pearl treated substrate have a slightly longer curing time. The curing time is also slightly extended.

3. When using light ink with gold and silver ink, the mixing ratio is: 8-9 parts of varnish, paraffin wax factory, 1-2 parts of gold and silver; when printing a large area, adding 5%-20% of varnish will increase the degree of curing, Improve adhesion.

4. If 2-10% UV curing agent is added, the adhesion effect and water resistance can be enhanced, but the operating time after mixing is 4-8 hours.

Storage Requirements:

UVG ink must be stored in a dry and ventilated dark room of 10-20*C, and sunlight must be avoided. Can be stored for 6 months.


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