Application of water-based wax emulsion on permeable concrete

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Tianshi water-based wax emulsion lotus leaf hydrophobic agent is mixed with concrete. During the mixing process, a stable hydrophobic protective film is formed in the inner water permeable space of the concrete, which contributes to a stable hydrophobic system on the ground and improves the quality of the living environment.

What is pervious concrete?

Pervious concrete can allow rainwater to flow into the ground, effectively replenish groundwater, alleviate some urban environmental problems such as the sharp drop in the city’s groundwater level, and can effectively eliminate the environmental pollution caused by oil compounds on the ground. , Maintain ecological balance, and can alleviate the urban heat island effect of excellent pavement materials. It is of special significance for the benign development of human living environment and the management of urban rainwater and the prevention and control of water pollution.

Water-based wax emulsion is a kind of mixture compound. After surface modification treatment by science and technology, it can be dispersed in water to form a stable dispersion. When added to concrete cement mixture, it can form a hydrophobic film inside the coated concrete, and at the same time increase the permeability of permeable concrete. The hardness makes the concrete more hydrophobic, hardness and air permeability.

Application principle of ceresin wax emulsion lotus leaf hydrophobic agent:

1. Improve the hydrophobicity (i.e. lotus leaf hydrophobicity), water repellency and waterproof performance of the surface of the coating film, and effectively prevent water penetration.

2. Improve the anti-sticking, anti-fouling performance and smoothness of the coating film.

3. Diluted with water in any proportion without delamination, demulsification, and good dispersibility.

4. Reduce the water absorption and cracking of the coating film, and the effect of lotus leaf on the surface is remarkable.

Excellent Abrasion Resistance Wax Dispersion PEW-2001 Name: Wax Dispersion Model Number:  PEW-2001

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