What are the classification and application of hot melting glue?

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Hot melting glue is a plasticized adhesive. This kind of glue can change the state state of objects within a certain temperature range. After a certain temperature, it will melt. Therefore, the use of hot melt glue has certain restrictions on temperature.










Classification of hot melting glue

There are many types of hot melting, and the production materials of each hot melt glue are different, and the adaptation fields are far from the field. Mainly: professional hot melting glue, bookmarking special hot melting glue, hot -melt compression sensor, and multi -purpose solvent -based hot melting glue, hot melting glue, hot -melt glue film, and hot plastic powder coating.

Hot melting glue can be used in audio manufacturing

In the process of manufacturing, the audio will be used in hot melting glue, which can play good adhesive performance, and it is excellent in antioxidant, acid and alkali type, and plastic increase. It should be noted that the surface of the adhesive object is different, and the bonding performance of hot melting glue is also different, wax for Hotmelt adhesive industries , so the type of hot melting glue needs to be selected according to the adhesive material.

Hot melting glue can be used in mobile phone window frames and front cover bonding

Ordinary hot -melt glue cannot be used in mobile phone manufacturing, while hot -melt glue film is available, and the hot -melt glue film is divided into two types: hot plasticity and thermal solids. After the front cover of the mobile phone, it can reach the appearance of flat and solidified. Features, even if the mobile phone is in a low temperature environment, the front cover will not crack.

Hot melting glue can also bond the data cable

The data cable will break and oxidize the use of the shell protective leather. At this time, the line will leak outside, which will easily lead to poor line contact. At this time, you can use hot -melt glue to bond on the part of the wire of the wire. It can be used normally.

Because the field of hot melting glue is wide and large, it is large to home appliances, communication equipment, and small as small as home supplies. Therefore Good -quality hot -melt glue can provide customized hot -melt glue application solutions according to different needs. Only the electrical appliances and communication equipment produced in this way can be assured of entering the market.


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