Operation specification for water-based polyurethane adhesive

2022-05-13   Pageview:273

The process conditions and adhesive properties of water-based polyurethane adhesive are basically the same as those of solvent adhesive.

1. Surface treatment:

First of all, please correctly identify the material to be adhered to, and do appropriate treatment on the surface of the adherend before use, such as degreasing, rust removal, moisture removal, grinding, etc. Degreasing makes the surface layer of the desired adhesive free of oil, dust and other pollutants. For decontamination, it can be cleaned with a quick-drying solvent such as No. 120 gasoline, Tianna water, toluene or ethyl acetate and dried. Lightly sand with grit 0 or 1 sandpaper. Different treatment agents are used for different materials, and the standard selected is “similar compatibility”, which is used to increase the adhesion of PU glue to the material;

2. Sizing according to the material: generally apply the glue once;

3. Construction process:
Accurately identify the adhered material→surface decontamination→apply the corresponding treatment agent→drying (70℃±5℃X3-5′)→gluing→drying (70℃±5℃X4-5′)→fitting→ Pressurizing → cooling → finishing → packing;

4. Fitting method:
Lamination within the viscosity maintenance time, that is, the material is attached within 0-3′ of the oven, and it should be attached within 2′ in winter. And try to align and fit at one time when fitting, and the second copy will affect the bonding effect;

5. Pressure method:
Adjust the press so that the force surface is evenly stressed. The pressing time is 8-12 seconds. ft wax The greater the pressing force, the better the effect, but the basic principle is that the material does not change shape;

6. Poor coating will have the following effects:
If the adhesive layer is too thick, it will “increase the cost”, “some parts are not completely dry”, and at the same time will cause “glue accumulation”, etc., which will affect the bonding quality; uneven adhesive layer will cause “glue accumulation” in some areas;

7. Transportation and storage of water-based adhesive:

In the process of transportation, the water-based adhesive should be handled with care, and should not be violently collided, so as to avoid leakage and affect the quality.

When storing in the warehouse, it is recommended to control the temperature within the range of 5~30°C. The stacking of 20KG plastic buckets should not exceed 3 layers. It should be stacked according to the product category and product name, production date and batch to avoid sunlight exposure and rain. Strictly follow the principle of first in, first out.


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