Features of arkema matting agent

2021-09-19   Pageview:670

1, Higher extinction efficiency
Compared with other silica matting agents, the porosity of silica matting agent with large pore capacity is significantly larger, which greatly improves the matting efficiency of the product.

2, Excellent dispersion performance
Matting agent has excellent dispersion, can be added in any process of the coating production process, can also be added in the paint to adjust the gloss, organic wax treated products have better redispersibility.















To obtain a good paint dispersion system, it is sometimes difficult to rely solely on the interaction of resins, pigments, and solvents, and we must rely on the help of wetting and dispersing agents. Wetting agents and dispersing agents are all surfactants. The wetting agent plays a role in the wetting process of the pigment, which can reduce the interfacial tension between liquid and solid, improve the dispersion efficiency of the pigment, and shorten the grinding time. Low molecular weight has high wetting efficiency.

The dispersant plays a role in the process of pigment dispersion and stabilization, and can be adsorbed on the surface of the pigment particles to form charge repulsion and steric hindrance, so that the dispersion is in a stable state. Wetting agents and dispersing agents are slightly different in terms of word meaning, but their functions are often difficult to distinguish. Especially in recent years, many polymer surfactants have been developed, which have wetting and dispersing effects at the same time. Therefore, amide wax dispenser, people often call it a wetting and dispersing agent.

To make good pigment dispersions and obtain excellent coating properties, we must choose to use wetting and dispersing agents.

The basic principle of pigment wetting and dispersing
The dispersion of pigments in coatings mainly depends on the nature of the dispersion composition and the interaction between them. The distribution of the pigment in the base material and the stability of the structure produced by the dispersion determine the stability of the entire dispersion system.


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