Can Wax Reduce Ink Surface Slip?

2022-11-28   Pageview:428

Can wax reduce ink surface slip? Adding 1%~3% polyene wax to the ink can change the fluidity of the ink and reduce the viscosity of the system, thereby improving the smoothness, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance of the ink.

wax dispertions

Why is wax added to ink? Since the ink is easy to wear on the plastic surface, it is necessary to add a wax emulsion with anti-scratch performance to play a role in wear resistance. Generally, a polyene wax emulsion is used. These wax emulsions have high gloss and high slip, and are especially suitable for gravure ink printing.

When is the wax added in the ink process? Generally, the printing ink is between two layers of plastic, and polyene wax emulsion needs to be added, mainly to lubricate the scraper of the printing machine and improve the ink transfer ability.

Wax emulsion is a kind of emulsion that can be dispersed in water. With the help of the directional adsorption of emulsifier, its surface tension can be changed, and under the action of mechanical external force, it can become a highly dispersed, uniform and stable emulsion. The production of wax emulsion is a fairly mature process, which can be used in industries and fields such as water-based coatings, papermaking, wood-based panels, color material waterproofing, textile industry, and mold release. The use of wax powder or wax emulsion is very mature, and the quality of wax powder or wax emulsion mainly depends on the variety and specification, particle fineness, ability to migrate to the surface of the coating, and construction and application methods.


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