Can Wax Powder Increase The Water Resistance of coil coatings?

2022-12-05   Pageview:230

Can wax powder increase the water resistance of the steel coil coating? The wax powder is added to the coil steel coating and then baked to form a smooth and clean paint film with high hardness, which has a good market prospect. The product has the characteristics of narrow particle size distribution and good control, so it can be widely used in various coil coating products.

The high-hardness wax powder for coil coating is made of PTFE modified wax powder, which not only has good lubricity, anti-sticking property, and friction resistance, but also has good scratch resistance and high hardness. The product has the advantages of non-toxic, solvent-free, fire-free, and “three wastes” emissions. It is a coil coating additive with excellent performance. It fully meets the requirements of the national environmental protection law and is conducive to sustainable development.

Advantages of wax for coil coating:
(1) No chemical reagents are introduced in the production, which can ensure no by-products and no environmental pollution to the greatest extent. In addition, it can prevent toxic substances from being mixed into the finished product, ensuring that the finished product is non-toxic, free of solvents and volatile toxic substances. Realize the double green environmental protection of the production process and products, safe and controllable;
(2) This method reduces the molecular weight of PTFE, making it easy to crush in particle size during molding;
(3) After the coating film of coil steel is formed, the surface hardness is high and the scratch resistance is strong.

Wax powder imparts excellent slip and abrasion resistance to solvent-based coatings and inks and powder coatings, and it imparts an extremely low coefficient of friction while maintaining excellent miscibility and dispersibility. Based on the combination of polytetrafluoroethylene and polyolefin, it is suitable for oil paint and powder coating, which reduces the coefficient of friction and makes the paint film have particularly good slip and scratch resistance.


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