How Polyethylene Wax(PE Wax) Powder Is Used In Ink

2023-03-29   Pageview:249

How to use polyvinyl wax powder in ink? Wax was used as a coating matting agent earlier, and its feature is that it is easy to use. After the paint is applied, due to the volatilization of the solvent, the wax in the paint is precipitated, forming fine crystals, floating on the surface of the paint film, forming a rough surface that scatters light and plays the role of matting.

Polymer wax is used as a matting agent, its dosage is 0.5-3%, it is suitable for acrylic paint, alkyd paint, nitro paint and polyurethane paint, industrial baking paint, vinyl paint and latex paint. The combination of polymer wax and fumed silica can improve the performance of the paint film, and its matting effect, water resistance, chemical resistance, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance and interlayer adhesion have been significantly improved.

Polyethylene wax(PE Wax) is a low molecular weight polyethylene homopolymer or copolymer widely used in coatings. The so-called wax means that the polymer is finally distributed in the form of microcrystals on the surface of the coating, which plays a more practical role similar to wax.

The main functions of polyolefin wax in solvent-based coating films are: matting, anti-sedimentation, thixotropy, good lubrication and processability, and metal positioning.
High temperature should be avoided when adding polyvinyl wax micropowder into the paint, because polyvinyl wax will dissolve in the solvent at high temperature, and will precipitate out when cooling to form larger particles.

The effect of a polyvinyl wax depends on several factors: the type of polyvinyl wax, the final particle size, the ability to migrate to the surface of the coating and the composition of the coating, the nature of the substrate to be coated, and the method of application wait. As an additive, polyethylene wax is not only used in solvent-based paints and inks, but also used in water-based paints and inks.


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