What Is The Role Of PE Wax In Road Marking Paint

2023-03-23   Pageview:246

What is the role of PE wax in road marking paint? The most important properties of an excellent hot-melt marking paint are its brightness, antifouling performance and fluidity during construction. As an important additive in the production of hot-melt marking paint, polyolefin wax is an important material to ensure its antifouling performance and fluidity during construction.

The special wax for hot-melt marking paint is a multi-functional special wax produced by grafting modification and other technical means as the main raw material of high-molecular polyethylene wax. The low-molecular content is strictly controlled <2%. Has the following characteristics:
(1) High softening point can improve the heat resistance of the coating; low viscosity can be adjusted to improve leveling.
(2) Wear-resistant, anti-scratch, anti-abrasion: Wax is distributed in the coating film to protect the coating film, prevent scratches, abrasions and provide abrasion resistance.
(3) Control friction coefficient: Its low friction coefficient is usually used to provide excellent slipperiness of the coating film, and at the same time, it has a special silky soft touch due to different types of waxes.
(4) Chemical resistance: due to the stability of the wax, it can give the coating film better water resistance, salt water spray and other properties.
(5) Prevent lamination: Avoid back-sticking and lamination of coated or printed objects.
(6) Gloss control: Different additions have different effects of matting and increasing gloss, and the three-dimensional effect is good.
(7) Prevent the induration and deposition of auxiliary materials such as silicon dioxide, and increase the storage stability of the coating.

Tianshi modified polyethylene wax product has high melting point and high hardness, which brings excellent leveling property to the coating and low cost of use. During the construction of hot-melt marking coating, this The product can shorten the non-stick time of the coating
time, improve traffic efficiency, and form an anti-fouling layer during the curing process of the paint to keep the cleanliness of the marking line.


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