Can Polyamide Wax Be Used In Water-based Coatings?

2024-03-19   Pageview:92

Can polyamide wax be used in water-based coatings? Water-based polyamide wax rheology additives are specially designed for use in water-based coating systems. They can effectively establish thixotropic viscosity in the system, control sagging and prevent settling, and can help aluminum powder and metallic pigments to be oriented in the system.

Compared with traditional water-based rheology additives, polyamide wax products have the following advantages:
1. Excellent thixotropy, anti-sag and anti-settling properties.
2. In water-based metal paint, the positioning and arrangement of aluminum powder can be strengthened to increase the gloss of the paint film.
3. Can be used in highly polar systems that are co-soluble with water.
4. Easy to disperse and can be added at any stage of production without grinding.
5. Good temperature resistance.

TIANSHI water-based polyamide wax is a very special product for water-based wood ware paint or other water-based coatings. It is cost-effective, easy to use, has good performance and will not affect the performance of the paint itself. .


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