Application of epoxy phosphate ester adhesion promoter XYS-1985-22 (2)

2021-11-26   Pageview:279

Applicable inorganic materials such as: aluminum and its alloy, zinc and its alloy, cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, electroplated parts, inorganic glass, other inorganic materials can also improve part of the solvent resistance such as ketones, benzene scrubbing, applications include water-based amino baking paint, high-grade industrial coatings, heavy anti-corrosion coatings, can coatings and coil coatings, etc., in the water-based coatings also have good water solubility.
















Hydrophobic agents are generally low surface tension silicone emulsions or modified silicone emulsions, and wax emulsions and fluoropolymers are also used. Because of its low surface tension and large contact angle with water, it has good hydrophobicity.

After the hydrophobic agent is added to the paint, it can reduce the critical surface tension of the coating film and increase its contact angle with water, so the coating film has better water resistance and corrosion resistance, but the sulfur agent is resistant to the external wall coating film. Stainability has an impact. Some believe that it can improve stain resistance, while some believe that it will reduce stain resistance. Different opinions have some experimental data support. In addition, the hydrophobicity and recoatability of the coating should be considered together.

Commonly used hydrophobic agents such as Dow Corning 84, Dow Corning 85, Wacker BS 1306 from Wacker, Phobe 1200 (without organic solvents) from Tego, Phobe 1300, Per enol HF 200 from Corning, Deyi The company’s DE8450, DE8451, DE8452, DE8453, DE8454 and DE8455, etc.

Hydrophobic agents can be used in primers and topcoats. Hydrophobic agents can usually be added at any stage of the production process.

BY K company launched a new hydrophobic agent, BY K-Sil clean 3700 (151, which is a hydroxyl-containing silicone modified acrylic hydrophobic agent, through the cross-linking of one OH, so that the coating film can get long-lasting cleanliness. If further combined with the microstructure, the result of the lotus leaf effect can be achieved.
ELO TEX Seal 80 is a dispersible silyl-based powder hydrophobic agent of National Starch Chemical Co., Ltd., which can be used for plastering mortar and putty of exterior wall insulation system. According to the introduction [16], the formula is 28% Conch brand 42.5 grade ordinary Portland cement, 0.2% cellulose ether, 2.5% national starch vinyl acetate ethylene latex powder, 0~0.3% Seal 80 hydrophobic agent, and the rest is quartz sand , Plus 20%~21% water. Mortar performance test results.


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