Can you use carnauba wax on leather?

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Brazilian carnauba wax is made from mature carnauba leaves, dried, tapped to remove wax, melted, filtered and shaped from powdered wax. It is bleachable, hard and brittle, insoluble in water, an amorphous, lustrous and hard but tough wax with a pleasant odor and a neat fracture when broken.

Brazilian carnauba wax can be saponified by strong alkali and is the hardest and highest melting point commercial natural wax except for a small amount of crude grade small crown coconut wax. When added to other waxes, it can significantly increase melting point, hardness, toughness, luster and reduce adhesion, plasticity and crystallization tendency.

Brazilian carnauba wax has good emulsification, adhesion, friction, release, slip and adjustment of viscosity and hardness and is one of the most widely used natural waxes in the world. Glossiness is one of the features of brazilian carnauba wax. It is widely used in all kinds of polishes, such as car wax, floor wax, leather polish.

Can you use carnauba wax on leather? Yes, it is suitable.

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