Water-based paint – the future of the paint industry

2022-01-30   Pageview:530

Water-based paint has captured some consumers with its superior performance of environmental protection. Modern people advocate “low-carbon life”, and as consumers’ awareness of their own health and environmental protection increases, “low-carbon” life is already the trend, and water-based paint is the closest paint product to low-carbon environmental protection.

It is understood that in 2009, China’s total paint production reached 7.55 million tons, of which water-based coatings accounted for 3.21 million tons, accounting for about 43% of the total output, however, it is also understood that in 2009, China’s annual use of wood coatings in more than 800,000 tons, of which solvent-based coatings accounted for 98%, water-based wood coatings accounted for only about 2%.

In recent years, the proportion of water-based wood coatings in China is not high. Since the last two years, affected by the sharp rise in crude oil prices, paint raw material manufacturers began to raise the price of their products several times, resulting in the price of oil-based coatings had to rise, and some have even been higher than some water-based coatings. The emergence of this situation from a certain extent is to promote the development of water-based coatings. Unofficial data show that in 2010, the total output of coatings 9.666 million tons, an increase of 22.8%, which shows that in recent years, water-based coatings will inevitably be driven by the overall trend of coatings to the good and occupy more market share. According to Huicong.com Zhang Shi expects that in the next five years, the market share of water-based coatings in China may reach 30% or higher.

With the improvement of people’s living standard, they are more and more concerned about environmental protection and health in the process of decoration, thus promoting the demand of water-based coatings. Secondly, as China’s coating industry is moving forward with unprecedented speed in the research, production and application of water-based coatings, new products are emerging, expanding the market space for water-based coatings. From a long-term perspective, water-based paint instead of oil-based paint will be an inevitable development trend for furniture and household products.

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