How to improve the abrasion resistance of paint

2021-08-11   Pageview:535

Abrasion resistance refers to the resistance of the paint to friction after drying, i.e. an ability to adhere to the performance of the paint when encountering mechanical damage.

1, Increase the thickness: The thickness of epoxy flooring paint can be increased by scraping the middle coating mortar layer and middle coating putty layer, which can not only increase the abrasion resistance of epoxy flooring paint, but also increase the compressive resistance of epoxy flooring paint.

2, Surface coating varnish: After epoxy flooring paint is finished, by rolling polyurethane varnish on the surface, it not only can form a smooth and bright coating, but also can improve the gloss of epoxy flooring, which makes the paint more bright and beautiful, and also improves the abrasion resistance of epoxy flooring paint.

3, Waxing: Regular waxing of epoxy floor paint can protect epoxy floor paint, because the surface of wax is relatively hard, which can effectively prevent fine gravel from grinding the ground, isolate the pollution of the ground from black shoe marks and tire marks, and prevent hard objects from scratching the ground.

Tianshi wax added to the paint products can play a wear-resistant, anti-scratch effect, increasing the RCA wear number of the product surface. It provides anti-adhesion, anti-scratch, anti-sticking and anti-friction effects, while providing a smooth and soft feel as well as better hydrophobicity and sealability. Provides good hardness for the coating, excellent abrasion resistance, and has properties that are difficult to achieve with wax emulsions. Has excellent dispersibility. Provides good transparency in solvent-based systems.


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