Application of oxide polyethylene wax emulsion

2021-12-28   Pageview:319

Appearance: slightly yellow or light yellow emulsion
Solid content (%): 40±1
PH value: 8~10 (20% aqueous solution)

Product introduction
Oxidized polyethylene wax emulsion is used in water-based ink, water-based varnish, agriculture, leather, shoe polish, forestry, wood industry, garden industry, water-based paint, water-based lacquer, paper product adhesive, textile softener and water-resistant finishing, etc.













Fused epoxy powder coating is used in a large number of heavy anti-corrosion pipelines that transport natural gas, crude oil and refined oil, water and chemical products, etc. The main advantages are as follows.

(1) Good anti-corrosion performance of the coating. It has excellent chemical resistance and organic solvent resistance, which can inhibit the corrosion of acids, alkalis, salts and organic compounds in the transmission medium, and can be exposed to corrosive substances such as organic acids produced by microorganisms in saline groundwater, seawater and soil for a long time without being damaged.

(2) The physical and mechanical properties of the coating are good, and the impact strength, bending resistance, wear resistance and adhesion of the coating are good, which can effectively fischer tropsch wax market prevent the mechanical damage of the coating in construction and the damage of the environmental stress in use.

(3) The electrical insulation of the coating is good, which can prevent chemical corrosion under cathodic protection and achieve the purpose of long-term protection of the pipeline; however, the effect of the three layers is worse.
(4) The coating has a wide temperature range, and can be used between -30~100℃.
(5) The construction of the coating is convenient, and the coating can be applied automatically and continuously with high production efficiency.
(6) The inspection and repair of the coating is more convenient; however, the three layers are slightly more troublesome.


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