5 features of leveling agent for coating

2021-09-05   Pageview:305

1, To eliminate the impact of stains, reduce the orange peel phenomenon and other auxiliary effects
2, does not contain residual toxic substances, is a new generation of green additives.
3, It has good compatibility and helps to improve the gloss and fullness of paint film
4, Significant leveling effect, does not affect the recoatability.
5, It has auxiliary effect on preventing floating color and delamination of pigment and dye.







Of course there are many factors affecting the leveling of coatings, the volatile gradient and solubility properties of solvents, surface tension of coatings, wet film thickness and surface tension gradient, rheology of coatings, construction process and environment, etc. The most important factor is the surface tension of coatings, the surface tension gradient generated by the wet film during film formation and the ability to homogenize the surface tension of the wet film surface.

Paraffin wax emulsions are used in exterior wall paint emulsions, it can improve the waterproof performance and anti-fouling performance.


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