Analysis of the causes of paint blistering

2021-09-06   Pageview:615

Phenomenon: After the paint film dries, there are round bubbles of varying sizes, also called bulging. Blistering occurs between the painted surface and the paint film, or between two layers of paint.


1,The substrate does not meet the requirements, such as high moisture content of wood, or not removing the pine resin and aromatic oil contained in the wood itself, which leads to blistering when it evaporates naturally.

2, oil or water-based putty is not completely dry or the bottom layer of paint is not dry before applying the top layer of paint.













3, The joints and holes of the wood are not filled, there are gaps in the mouth holes, etc.

4,  The viscosity of the paint is too high.

5, Paint ratio is not appropriate. micronized carnauba wax can also be added to paint.

6, The air bubbles are not eliminated by dragging the brush back and forth when brushing.

7, The surface of the substrate is covered with oil, dust, blisters, etc. These unclean objects are surrounded by water.

8, There is water in the compressor or air pipe, or there is water splashed on the construction surface.


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