3 Wrong Choices of Coating Defoamer

2021-09-07   Pageview:317

Are you a coating manufacturer? Which defoamer do you currently use, with solid defoamer? If you use the solid defoamer then you enter the wrong area, the coating industry recommends that you do not choose solid defoamer Oh, there are three main reasons.










1, Easy to precipitate

Solid defoamer is usually added by splashing, and the viscosity of the coating are relatively large, then the solid defoamer particles if relatively small, then it is likely that the particles can not be effectively dissolved, and finally produce a large number of precipitated material.

2, Poor compatibility

Due to the viscosity of the coating, so that the solid defoamer particles can not be dissolved, part of the precipitation will be formed, while the other part may be interspersed in the coating, so that the coating will produce magazines, then the coating will have pores in the coating, affecting the overall effect.

micronized wax dispersion can be used in paint, coatings, etc.

3, Increased production cost

Due to the compatibility of solid defoamer in the coating and the problem of precipitation, resulting in the foam of the coating can not be eliminated in time, then it is necessary to add a large number of defoamer, which will cause the overall production costs to increase; even if the first dissolved solid defoamer in water, and then add the method, it will also make the performance of solid defoamer greatly reduced.


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