BYK DISPERBYK-161 dispersants for coatings

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In terms of product, DISPERBYK-161 is an optimized product for easy handling of DISPERBYK-160, which has a molecular weight distribution, polarity and effectiveness very similar to DISPERBYK-160.













Cobalt soap is a viscous liquid with a blue-violet color, and green when it is in the high-valent cobalt state. In the storage process after the paint, oil and cobalt soap are mixed together, the peroxide reacts with the cobalt soap to produce green. It is generally believed that cobalt soap has a drying effect only when it is at a high price.
The mixed use of cobalt soap and oxime anti-skinning agent will form a metal-oxime complex and appear red to reddish purple. Various oximes produce different colors, but the color disappears after the paint film dries.
The metal content of drill driers is usually 4%~12%.

Lead catalyst
Lead drier is a polymeric drier. It can promote the drying of the bottom layer of the paint film in most alkyd paints to obtain a tough and hard coating film, and can improve the adhesion and weather resistance of the paint film. However, its oxidation drier is low, so it must be used in conjunction with cobalt and manganese driers. The general dosage is 10 times that of cobalt, and the normal dosage is 0.5%~1%.

Lead soap and free phthalic anhydride in the alkyd resin form a less soluble lead salt and precipitate out, making the varnish muddy. Lead soap reacts with the sulfide in the air to change its color, which makes the paint film dirty and dark. Lead soap is toxic to a certain extent. Lead soap is strictly prohibited as a drier in the paint of toys and children’s products. If lead soap is used in the aluminum powder paint, the stearic acid film on the montan wax application surface of the aluminum powder is replaced by lead soap and loses its floatability, so the brightness of the aluminum powder paint film is poor and gray. In paints that cannot be used with lead driers, decorative or zirconium driers are often used instead.


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