Introduction of iHeir-TQ anti-mold agent for paint

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iHeir-Spray is manufactured by the company’s proprietary technology and is the latest generation of broad-spectrum and high-efficiency anti-mildew agent.

It is mainly used in leather, embroidery, blue leather, shoes, bags, sofas, gloves, furniture, packaging materials, bedding and other related industries to prevent mildew. It can kill mold efficiently and prevent the regeneration of mold at the same time. TCMTB-free, phenol-free, meet the international regulatory requirements. Non-irritating, non-invasive, safe and environmentally friendly.













Sulfates and Sulfonates
Sulfate (-OSO, M) and sulfonate (-SO, M) have only one oxygen atom difference in chemical structure, but their properties are quite different. Sulfate ester salt is more water-soluble than sulfonate salt, so it is suitable for use as emulsifier and fiber treatment agent, and has poor heat and oxygen resistance stability. On the contrary, sulfonate antistatic agents have high heat resistance and oxygen resistance stability, so they can be used in polymers such as plastics or coatings.

Sulfate ester salt is usually prepared by esterification reaction between C12~18 higher alcohol and concentrated sulfuric acid or fuming sulfuric acid, and then neutralized with organic or inorganic alkali. The reaction is as follows:
RO SOy H+N-CH, CH, OH); →RO-SO, H·N(C Hz CHa OH),
Sulfonates are generally obtained by sulfonating paraffin hydrocarbons with fuming sulfuric acid or sulfur trioxide, and then neutralizing them with alkali.

Phosphate esters
Phosphoric acid is a tribasic acid, and its ester derivatives include 3 basic structures:
Among them, monoalkyl phosphate (I) and dialkyl phosphate (II) are acidic, and trialkyl phosphate (III) ft wax sx 105 is neutral. Phosphate ester surfactants have a wide range of applications in industry.

As an antistatic agent, the most widely used are the anionic monoalkyl phosphate and dialkyl phosphate compounds, which are composed of higher alcohols, ethylene oxide adducts of higher alcohols and alkyl It is prepared by reacting phenol ethylene oxide adduct with phosphorus oxychloride or phosphorus pentoxide, and then neutralizing with alkali.

(Acid phosphate salt) (Neutral phosphate salt) M is a metal ion such as Na or an organic ammonium ion.


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